Landlord Lease Renewal Agreement

If a lessor or tenant wishes to continue the lease beyond the expiry date without a lease agreement, the lease could be converted into a monthly contract. Under a monthly contract, the landlord would not be able to negotiate a higher monthly rent and would have the uncertainty of not knowing when the tenant could terminate and move. And the tenant would not be able to negotiate with certain repairs and would also have the uncertainty of not knowing when the landlord could issue an eviction notice and undress him. Make sure the landlord`s name, tenant name and contact information are included. You must also indicate the address of the property that is rented. You should refer to the original rental and demonstrate in detail that this is an extension of this leasing. If there are changes or new conditions, you must specify anything that differs from the terms of the original lease. Finally, a date and signatures of both parties. This document may renew the terms of the original lease or, if necessary, be used to modify some of these conditions.

Article VI. Other conditions “have been provided in the event that one or both parties to the renewal must assume responsibilities other than those imposed in the original lease. An example of such a change can be observed when the tenant has received a licensed pet, deposited a pet bond and agrees to pay pet rent during the extension period. If such changes in responsibilities are to take place during the renewal period, check the box with the inscription “To change the lease again… Then use the empty lines to indicate exactly what new rules apply. If you need more space, either add more lines to record a full report, or place these changes in an appendix and quote them by title in those lines. If the lease is renewed with the original provisions, you activate the checkbox under the words “Don`t change the lease anymore.” If you have a separate roommate agreement, note that the tenancy agreement is usually separate from the agreement. You can certainly continue your lease without a formal lease. This is a common practice, and many landlords are more comfortable with monthly rents. However, if you want to ensure some protection (as a tenant or landlord), you should seriously consider extending the tenancy. It is also a bad thing for a tent, because it loses its bargaining ability when repairs need to be made, and it is never certain that a landlord will provide a 30-day delay that will require it to move before deciding in favour of a long-term guaranteed tenant.

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