Administrative Agreement On Cooperation Between Police Authorities In The Nordic Countries

This chapter is part of the Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (Post)Crisis Europe (MiTSoPro) project, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) as part of the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant Agreement No. 680014). In addition to this chapter, readers will find a series of indicators that compare national social protection and diaspora policies in 40 countries on the following website: Several factors may explain the limited evolution of diaspora policy in Denmark and limited access to Danish social benefits for Danish citizens living abroad. First, the scope of the universal Danish welfare state is extended to people who reside and not to citizenship. As soon as a person does not officially reside in Denmark, he loses many social rights, even if he is a Danish national, from the social rights that he would have as a inhabitant. Secondly, I propose that the existence of the EU legal framework for cross-border welfare and strong cooperation between the Nordic countries under social security agreements to support the mobility of Nordic citizens in the Nordic region will probably reduce the incentive for the Danish authorities to develop ad hoc policies for their diaspora. Third, the relative neglect of diaspora issues might reflect the small size of the Danish diaspora, and probably also the constructed image of emigrants as ungrateful and selfish individuals (Mouritsen and Jensen 2017) could also have deterred the authorities from openly addressing the diaspora. In addition, consulates provide other services as defined by veJ 10215 of 14.12.2017 and BEK 1467 of 11.12.2017. All services are paid for. People can expect to pay DKK 1.010 (about EUR 136) for each hour started for most services that include some form of personal assistance, the issuance of documents is also, unless otherwise stated, at a price of 1,010 DKK (about EUR 136) per document. Consulates provide the following services: visa, processing working and residence documents for nationals of other countries who stay and work in Denmark, issuing copies of driver`s licence for a large number of situations, legalising and checking the identity of Danish citizens, proof of Danish nationality of children born abroad to Danish parents, and a large number of trade-related services, such as issuing documents, various forms of assistance (writing letters, producing documents, documents

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