Yufa Collective Agreement 2018

At the end of the investigation, Kaplan stated in his report that “the parties are at an impasse and there is no reason to believe that they will be able to resolve their dispute through free collective bargaining. Their story suggests something else. [42] Kaplan recommended that the Minister ask the parties to enter into a “consensual interest rate arbitration process.” [42] [43] Kaplan also recommended that “the government have set up a task force on job insecurity after secondary education.” [42] Prior to the 2015 Unit 2 count, Unit 2 members` Alternate Stream conversions were negotiated individually during their conversion application, provided they taught in one of the Cognate units where Alternate Stream grades were authorized by the provisions of the yufa collective agreement. Until 2012, these departments were: care, kinesiology and health sciences at the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, the Center for Academic Writing, the French of Studies in LAPS and the French Language Training Programme in Glendon. In 2012, the regulations negotiated by yufa extended the Alternate Stream to all departments of the university. However, some of these departments subsequently refused to accept Alternate Stream dates within their units, while some departments agreed to accept Alternate Flow faculties only for CUPE 3903 conversions. The negotiating teams had discussions and exchanges on a wide range of issues and reached an interim agreement on 9 points and several budgetary issues. The employer has submitted several proposals, including: we believe that advertising for 160 new faculty positions is extremely positive news for York. It reflects the university`s strong commitment over the next few years to fill, as far as possible, the long-term gaps in supplements in available resources. At the same time, during several rounds of negotiations, the university consistently stated that it was not prepared to accept a complementary formal guarantee in the collective agreement. It is important to note that the location of financial planning is within the faculties and we do not agree to reduce faculty autonomy in the development of complementary faculty plans, particularly in light of the uncertainties that higher education currently faces. We also made it clear that we would not endorse YUFA`s proposal to limit open and collegial research by introducing a Tenure Stream conversion program for limited contractual time frames.

The university was pleased to reach an agreement with YUFA on equal pay. The exercise will identify a plan to eliminate systemic wage differences, if any, between teachers and librarians who identify themselves as women, members of a visible minority (racial group) or as indigenous, and potential intersenital effects. In light of Kaplan`s recommendation, the Ontario government introduced Bill 70, the York University Labour Disputes Resolution Act 2018, on May 7. The bill was introduced the day before the bill ahead of The 2018 ontario general election. Opposition from the Ontario NDP slowed the passage of the legislation at first reading; it was eventually carried with division. [57] The bill died before a second or third reading could be made after the government dissolved the legislative branch earlier than planned.

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