World Financial Group Associate Membership Agreement

After obtaining the provincial licence, the employee must fax a copy of the licence issued to the WFGLicensing Department 416-225-2109. After WFG scans a copy of the faxed license and transmits it to Transamerica, the associated MIA is approved and he/she is also automatically charged with Equitable (without any other contractual documentation required). II. Compensation and Claim I recognize and understand that the application section of this Agreement is not a legal and binding contract and that the filing of this claim does not entitle me to compensation, rights or benefits. Before I am eligible for compensation for licensed products, I must sign the World Financial Group Associate MemberShip Agreement, Insurance Company Agents Contracts and/or brokerage/reseller contracts and obtain the necessary licenses. A new employee must answer all questions and provide appropriate documentation to all questions answered yes. I recognize and understand that before I am eligible for compensation for licensed products, I must sign the corresponding contracts of World Financial Group Canada Inc.associate, insurance agent contracts and/or broker/dealer contracts and obtain the necessary licenses. However, this application allows me to market all the World Financial Group product lines that do not need a license as soon as the orientation/certification training is complete. 7 L.

The Partner recognizes and accepts that all deliveries, including prospectuses, memorandums, visual aids, model planning forms, manuals, statistical and recruitment training and/or recruitment materials, supplier materials and brochures made available to the partner by wfG are and will be the property of the WFG and will be immediately referred to the WFG upon request. Mr. Associate must comply with the terms and restrictions of use contained in all licensing agreements or other contractual agreements between third-party computer software owners and WFGs that allow WFG to use this software. In addition associate accepts the terms of a license or other contractual agreement that the partner must enter into with a third party software owner. N. The partner must not break the covenants. III. Associate s Compensation A. Associate recognizes and understands that the partner earns income only through the sale of products and services and that no income is earned or paid by the partner for recruitment.

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