Ultraedit License Agreement

Yes, you can add users to an up-to-date license and have a co-term validity period if necessary. 3.3 Rental. You cannot rent, concede, transfer, transfer, house, rent, sub-concede, sub-concede, distribute or lease the PRODUCT OF THE SOFTWARE, unless this CAU expressly provides otherwise. 2.3 Online shopping. To ensure a secure online shopping experience, IDM (Avangate / 2Checkout.com and Cleverbridge.com) uses online checkout services as a provider. All online transactions are subject to the general terms and conditions of the card industry, as well as privacy policies, compliance with the RGPD (along with all other applicable data protection laws). You can find them here: www.avangate.com/legal/privacy.php, www.cleverbridge.com/corporate/privacy-policy/, www.ultraedit.com/privacy-policy.html. Our prices include the ComponentSource license and installation support, technical support is provided directly by the publisher based on the support policies and the type of license you purchase. For your convenience, we maintain an online backup of all license information that we have published directly or that has been provided to us by the publisher. You can request a free upgrade to a new version if it is released within 30 days of purchase. All sales are made according to our terms and conditions and are subject to our return conditions.

Please contact us if you need an unspecified licensing option, including the volume license and older versions of the product. We can provide any UltraEdit license, including annual subscriptions, indeterminate user licenses, simultaneous user licenses, training licenses, upgrades and renewals. 3.4 Rights software transfer. You can transfer a multi-user, site or business license (entirely) in connection with a transfer, merger or consolidation, provided that you provide IDM with prior written notice, on a form that the IDM makes available to you and which contains: i) the original license number/details of the license; (ii) the amount of licenses, if any, transferred by product and version; (iii) the name, address and contact information of the ceding party; (iv) any information other than the IDM reasonably requests. 19th ranking. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of an earlier end-user license agreement (EULA) and this Agreement and additional conditions, this Agreement and all additional Terms relating to indeterminate software licenses and the use of subscription software apply. All UltraEdit licenses have unlimited lifetime technical support via email. Users with an up-to-date subscription license are entitled to priority support. For more information, visit the IDM support page.

v. Repayment. Since all IDM products are available on a free 30-day trial version, the fee-paying subscription or license fee is non-refundable. 18. Recognition and third-party conditions. THE PRODUCT OR THE SOFTWARE may use or include third-party components or content and other copyrighted or publicly licensed material. Component documentation contains additional confirmations, licensing conditions and disclaimers for these components, contents or materials, and your use of these components, contents or materials is subject to your terms and conditions.

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